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Teen reports being raped and assaulted, authorities brought charges against her


Teen reports being raped and assaulted, authorities brought charges against her

After informing authorities that she had been drugged and raped by an Asian sex gang, a 19-year-old girl was charged with perverting the course of justice.

The teenager was taken into custody after allegations that she violated the terms of her release on bail.

After a young woman told the police that she had been abused, the police began to look into whether the victim had been both physically and sexually abused.

The girl made the claims on social media, saying that Asian men had drugged her, beaten her, burned her, and sold her for sex.

She also shared photographs of bruises, scrapes, and burn marks, which sparked an uproar on social media.

An independent review team was brought in to evaluate how the department handled the investigations, and the authorities disclosed that the only charges that resulted from the inquiry were against the teenager.

The young woman said in a post she made on social media that she had been sexually assaulted by three Asian guys after being forced into a vehicle and driven to an unknown location by them.

“Afterwards I was beaten because I was in debt to these men for not attending ‘parties’ for over seven weeks due to coronavirus. The organizers of the party decided to beat me to teach me a lesson. They decided that I don’t learn from being battered as I’ve received beatings before,” she wrote, adding that her alleged abusers tried to cut off her finger as punishment.

She claimed in her post that the individual threatened to murder her while “waving a knife around.”

The girl also wrote that she covered the abuse for years by claiming that she’d been hurt in accidents, and that she attempted suicide as a means of escape.

Police released a statement regarding this case, saying, “We can confirm that a 19-year-old woman is subject of ongoing criminal proceedings. She was charged with seven counts of perverting the course of justice and was released on bail. She has subsequently been arrested two months later for breach of her bail conditions and has been remanded in custody, court date to be notified.”

Police also added that the investigation into the teenager’s claims about a gang of Asian men conducting abuse or other exploitation against individuals showed no evidence and was not corroborated.

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