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Parents condemned for denying abortion, people call her monster and alien seven years later


Parents condemned for denying abortion, people call her monster and alien seven years later

These parents were more than happy when they found out that they were expecting a baby, but after a regular visit to the doctor after a few months of pregnancy, a turn of events happened as they learned the shocking truth that the child would be born with many deformities, and they were even advised to abort the baby while there was still time. The parents did not follow the doctor’s advice and decided to keep the baby because, according to them, everyone has the right to life.

During the ultrasound, the gynecologist saw that something was wrong, but did not want to go into details until he checked everything, so they sent me for a 3D ultrasound, recalls the mother.

“We soon found out that our Helianny has many deformities. On the face, hands, feet, lips, skull, and brain. The only thing undamaged is the spine and internal organs.”

“We soon learned that it was amniotic fluid syndrome, a group of rare congenital anomalies that occur when fibrous amniotic bands wrap around the fetus. My daughter had these bands wrapped around her entire body, preventing circulation and body development. When we heard the terrible news, my husband and I first cried. Then my husband whispered to me, ‘Let’s not give up.’”

The mother immediately told the doctors that she did not want to give up and continued the pregnancy despite the doctors’ advice to have an abortion. They told her that even if she gave birth to a living child, she would not live long, and in any case, her life would be too difficult.

Despite all the gloomy forecasts, Heliani was born at 39 weeks of pregnancy. She was born by c-section and weighed nearly 10 pounds.

“The first days were too difficult. I was in a bad state after giving birth, and only after 24 hours was I allowed to see the baby. Meanwhile, the sisters began to whisper that I would not want to see my monstrous child. I admit, her appearance is shocking. When she was born, she had neither eyes nor eyebrows. She had bulging veins on her forehead that looked like they would burst at any moment. She had two nostrils, but they were closed. He couldn’t breathe through them.”

But her mother says she was beautiful in her own way.

“For the first few months, we had to be on duty next to her every night so that she wouldn’t suffocate. When she recovered enough for surgery to allow her to breathe, the same story repeated itself. Doctors dissuaded me from surgery because “the child won’t live long anyway.” I didn’t give up.

She says that she learned to be better and stronger from her.

“I don’t like it when people stare at us on the street. I don’t like being called an alien. I don’t like it when they push us and whisper bad words about us.”

“My little girl turned seven years old, to the surprise of everyone except the closest ones. It is clear to us what kind of fighter Helianny is. She is in therapy and has recently been able to control her head movements a little. I know her progress will be terribly slow and difficult, but I will be there for her. Everyone has the right to life.”

But the girl does not only encounter insults on the street because of her appearance.

“On the internet, they regularly condemn me for having given birth to an “alien” and a “monster”. I do not respond to insults. I simply tell them that they too can have their life situation turned upside down in a second and suddenly become completely dependent on someone’s help.”

“Would you then think that you don’t deserve to live? – I ask them. Then they are usually silent. And I’m going back to my girl, my fighter, and through Instagram I just want to show people what will is!” the mother concluded.

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