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San Francisco citizens expressed rage to mayor’s maskless images and video

San Francisco

San Francisco citizens expressed rage to mayor’s maskless images and video

San Francisco, California – Images of Mayor London Breed singing and dancing without a mask inside a Tenderloin Club have sparked rage among San Francisco citizens. A reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle captured the footage on Wednesday night.

The owner of il Cilentano restaurant, Santo Esposito expressed his rage: “If she didn’t wear the mask then nobody has to wear a mask. Actually I’m going to take mine off right now.”

Esposito said the Mayor’s actions were simply unfair after all the restrictions they’ve had to follow to remain open.

“Especially for restaurant owners. A lot of my friends shut down their business already. They failed I’m still here but we are still fighting,” said Esposito.

The owner of Crepes Ooh La La says it’s impossible to police his customers if they are not actively eating while indoors.

“No you can’t. They eat without a mask. That’s how it is. You can’t use it. There is no way,” said: Slimane Djili, owner of Crepes Ooh La La.

On Friday, Mayor Breed did not apologize for her actions and said she was in compliance with the health order since she was eating and drinking.

“To be clear, I did everything I thought that was appropriate,” said Mayor Breed and added, “So when you go to a restaurant, do you sip and put your mask on, sip and put your mask on? The reality of what we’re asking people to do is go out, enjoy our city, but also be mindful that COVID is still out there.”

Some residents were supportive of the Mayor but did not approve of her latest actions.

“I’m sad that London Breed had this little moment of not thinking. In comparison to all the good she’s done,” said Susan Stauter, San Francisco resident.

We went to the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood where¬†vaccine cards were being checked at almost every restaurant before dinning indoors. Some residents believe the indoor mask mandate should be modified.

“When you are eating and you put down your mask, what is the difference if you are not eating and you wear the mask? If you have corona it already spreads. It doesn’t make any sense,” said Tzipora Garbi, Pleasant Hill resident.

“It depends on the type of place. Because if you are walking into a CVS everyone is going to wear a mask. If you walk inside bar good luck enforcing that,” said Kyle Morrisey, San Francisco Resident.

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