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Residents of Contra Costa County can get vaccines without making an appointment


Residents of Contra Costa County can get vaccines without making an appointment

Contra Costa County, California – Spring is in the air, and it is starting to feel like we may be gaining back a sense of normalcy in our community as COVID-19 cases continue to decline.

Contra Costa County has made great progress in slowing the unchecked spread of coronavirus, largely as a result of many people in the community getting vaccinated. The county has already reached the milestone of 70 percent of adults receiving at least one dose of COVID vaccine, and this broad immunity throughout the community is a critical tool helping us get back to normal.

Despite this progress, we still have more to do. We are starting to see a decline in the number of folks getting vaccinated – a trend that has appeared across the country. It is more important than ever to be vaccinated and gain immunity to this horrible virus, and the county is making it as easy as possible to get your shot.

First, all county-run vaccine sites are now accepting walk-ins without appointments. We encourage you to bring your friends and family even if they don’t have an appointment, or even if they don’t live or work in Contra Costa County.

Second, a new public health clinic with daily drop-in hours opened in Concord’s Monument Boulevard corridor to help residents in a heavily impacted neighborhood access the best protection against COVID-19. The Contra Costa Health Services clinic at 1034 Oak Grove Road can provide as many as 500 safe, effective vaccines daily for patients 16 or older, Tuesday through Saturday, at no cost to patients.

The new clinic hours are noon-7 p.m. Tuesday and 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday.

Finally, President Joe Biden has directed tens of thousands of federal pharmacy partners, including national and independent pharmacies across the country, to offer walk-in vaccinations.

The message is simple: Please get vaccinated.

One of the groups with the lowest rate of vaccination is folks aged 16-30. This is certainly due in part to these groups being the most recently eligible. But there is good news. We have more than enough room for you to make an appointment and get vaccinated.

If you have any questions about the vaccine, give Health Services a call at 844-729-8410.

The three safe and effective vaccines that are being distributed in the county promise a return to normalcy and safety and to bring immunity to our communities. Getting vaccinated will help keep you, your family, your community, the economy and your country safe and healthy.

It’s never been easier or more important than now to get vaccinated. Help us get back to normal by getting your shot today.

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