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Political parties in San Francisco preparing for a gubernatorial recall election

San Francisco

Political parties in San Francisco preparing for a gubernatorial recall election

San Francisco, California – Gavin Newsom is expected to survive the recall election on Tuesday. After getting plenty of additional endorsements, Governor Jerry Brown is ready to welcome President Joe Biden to California on Monday.

However, both republicans and democrats agree that voter turnout is critical to winning the election. David Campos, the head of the San Francisco Democratic Party, said he hopes President Biden’s visit will re-energize California Democrats.

“President Biden has a unique ability to energize the base and a lot of democrats will see his presence as a reminder for why they need to vote and not take this election for granted,” said Campos.

On the republican side, local GOP chair John Dennis says the presidential endorsements don’t mean much. Even if polls are predicting success for Newsom, he says the election isn’t over until it’s over.

“We’re out there delivering the message directly to voters, not doing publicity events,” said Dennis.

“We’re calling people, making hundreds of thousands of calls to folks, knocking on doors, and making sure we send a message to politicians who have gotten out of control.”

If the recall succeeds, then the question becomes who will replace Gavin Newsom. Conservative talk show host Larry Elder is the popular candidate.

“Oh absolutely, absolutely,” said Dennis when asked about Elder as governor.

“We’re lucky, we have a lot of really good candidates running. Larry Elder just happens to be the most popular of them.”

Campos is not in support of Elder or any of the republican candidates. He hopes the recall doesn’t go that far and wants to avoid a Trump-like candidate leading the state of California.

“To recognize the national significance of this race. The reality is, even though we defeated Donald Trump in 2020, we haven’t defeated Trumpism.”

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