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“I really regret not getting my vaccine,” Unvaccinated man admits he made mistake for not getting the vaccine on time as he was dying of Covid in hospital


“I really regret not getting my vaccine,” Unvaccinated man admits he made mistake for not getting the vaccine on time as he was dying of Covid in hospital

Omicron continues the high pace spread across the country and experts believe we still haven’t reached the peak of the winter wave meaning that the current situation will last at least in the upcoming period. The high transmissible variant of the Covid-19 virus easily evades both vaccine and natural immunity and that’s the major reason why so many Americans are getting infected with Omicron in the last two months.

Although vaccines have lowered protection when it comes to preventing contracting the virus, they still work great in preventing hospitalization and death especially those vaccinated with three doses. That’s the reason why health experts advise people to get vaccinated as soon as possible and protect themselves and their loved ones.

But health expert’s recommendations meant nothing for the 40-year-old comedian C. Cabrera from California, known as the “Chinese Best Friend”, who decided not to get vaccinated against Covid-19 remaining exposed to the virus risking his life and the lives of his closest family relatives in case of contracting the deadly virus.

According to Independent, the comedian contracted the virus and tested positive on Covid-19 some time after Christmas and in a short period of time, he developed serious symptoms and was admitted to hospital for further treatment. Cabrera developed pneumonia and was in an emergency room before his condition worsened and he was put on ventilator support. He spent more than a week in the ICU.

“I really regret not getting my vaccine,” he texted his brother, according to KTLA. “If I can do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat to save my life. I’m fighting for my life here and I wish I [had] gotten vaccinated.”

During his stay in the hospital, Cabrera was in touch with his best friend, fellow comedian M. Blackson, who regularly updated the public about Cabrera’s condition on his social media accounts.

“My Chinese Best Friend who is actually my best friend and right-hand man is in the hospital with Covid and pneumonia on a breathing machine. Please keep him in your prayers,” Blackson tweeted on 11 January.

“I’m not here to promote this vaccination, I really didn’t give two shits about it either but if you are unhealthy like bad lungs and etc go get vaccinated because it will help you stay alive if you catch it,” he added on 13 January.

Cabrera spent several weeks in hospital and despite doctors’ efforts to save him, he died on January 22 leaving his wife and a 3-year-old son behind. His family shared the tragic news on a GoFundMe raising money for his little boy.

“We are very sad to announce that our beloved brother Christian Cabrera … has lost his battle with Covid pneumonia and passed away tonight,” Cabrera’s brother Jino wrote in the fundraiser. “This is absolutely the worst day of my life. Rip,” Blackson tweeted on the day of Cabrera’s death.

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