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“Go ahead try me…,” Aggressive elementary school teacher threatened 9-year-old student with autism, the girl hurt herself all over the face and body out of fear


“Go ahead try me…,” Aggressive elementary school teacher threatened 9-year-old student with autism, the girl hurt herself all over the face and body out of fear

Parents rely on teachers as they play major role in their children’s development process and spend a lot of time with the kids every single day. Teachers are those who teach the students about the real values in life and teachers are expected to be progressive and therefore, help students reach their goals.

However, the number of teacher’s involved incidents in schools has been on the rise in the last couple of years, and this trend continued once both students and teachers got back to in-person teaching last year. While in most of the cases teachers are those concerned about their own safety in such student-teacher incidents, there are situations when the teachers are the ones to blame about their behavior during classes.

So is the case with one teacher accused of threatening her 9-year-old student with autism while in class resulting the little girl to hurt herself out of fear the teacher might beat her. Since she is an autism patient, she was not able to explain to her parents what had happened and why she came home with scratches and bruises all over her face and body.

According to Local 10 that were among the first to report about this story earlier this month, the nine-year-old Zoe, of Florida, came home from school and her parents immediately asked her what had happened once they noticed the girl had scratches and bruises all over her face. The little girl, who is on the autism spectrum, was not able to explain what had happened that day before she returned home.

Understandably, her parents were nothing but worried and concerned since they know Zoe has difficulties in explaining such situations taking into consideration the autism factor. Because Zoe’s teacher didn’t call her parents to report anything unusual, her mother decided to put a microphone in her daughter’s clothes in an effort to find out what was going on in the classroom.

Zoe’s mother, Carla Warren, was deeply disturbed when she found out how Zoe’s teacher behaved during classes. Speaking to Local 10, Carla said when she heard the way the teacher was speaking to and around Zoe, she understood why her little girl was exhibiting frequent outbursts.

“They said that she was definitely a lot more aggressive … a big bruise on her forehead, scratches on her arms, and when we asked where the bruises came from, they said she did it to herself,” Carla said. “With her not being able to tell us what happened; it really put me in a situation where I had no choice.”

The identity of the teacher was not publicly revealed, but Carla said she was able to hear the teacher’s aggressive behavior in class several times. According to Carla’s claims, one of the recordings captured the teacher’s threatening tone: “Go ahead try me … Go ahead, try me … Do you think I am playing with you?”

The audio recording device that Warren had sewn into Zoe’s jacket also captured the teacher’s violent speech. “Let her be at my mom’s house … play with that. She would have a switch, extension cord — off the chain.” “She walks past me, run-up, and try to swing at me — hit me. I will say, ‘Hit me again because I’ll slam that little girl on the floor!’”

Once Carla informed the school officials, the little girl was transferred to another school within the school district. Meanwhile, the school district decided to start an investigation conducted by special investigative unit. As per the special unit, the audio evidence was not enough to rise the case to a criminal act. The teacher remained on her teaching position while the school board is yet to evaluate the appropriate corrective action against the teacher.

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