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Famous actor disappoints American fanbase with recent statements against the U.S. after receiving a medal from Putin


Famous actor disappoints American fanbase with recent statements against the U.S. after receiving a medal from Putin

Steven Seagal is a famous American actor who has starred in many action films and martial arts movies throughout his career. But many fans in the U.S. were disappointed by his recent statements and claims where he accuses the country that had helped him build his career.

The actor has made headlines with his recent declaration of allegiance to Russia, describing himself as “1 million percent Russian.” This statement comes just weeks after it was reported that President Vladimir Putin had bestowed upon him the esteemed Order of Friendship medal in recognition of his unwavering support for the nation.

Seagal, who is described as the special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Russian-American humanitarian relations, made his comments at the founding event of the International Movement of Russians in Moscow. The establishment of this group aims to unite people who share a passion for Russian culture and language, and to present a positive narrative to the world. Additionally, the movement seeks to lift European Union sanctions imposed on Russia due to its invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

During his speech, the 70-year-old Michigan native shared details of his upbringing and heritage. Seagal, who identifies as a Russophile, proudly stated that he was raised in a purely Russian household, owing to his father’s Russian heritage and his mother’s deep immersion in Russian culture.

“So I grew up with Russian culture,” he continued. “I grew up loving Russia and loving all of what I learned about it from a very early age. And for me, I am 1 million percent Russophile and and 1 million percent Russian.”

The actor and martial artist also went on to accuse his native U.S. of spending “billions of dollars on disinformation, lies” in a campaign, he said, to “try to discredit, demoralize and destroy the emerging morale of Russia. It is Russian hate doctrine.” He added that “over half of the people in America actually love Russia and love Russians and know that they’re being lied to.”

Seagal’s comments come weeks after it was announced by the Russian government that he had received an Order of Friendship medal for his “great contribution to the development of international cultural and humanitarian cooperation.”

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