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Contra Costa County residents asked to lower their water usage by 15%

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Contra Costa County residents asked to lower their water usage by 15%

Contra Costa County, California – An appeal was made to the public by Contra Costa County Water District officials to start lowering their usage of water by at least 15%.

After comparing the water usage in the county in 2020, the water district Board of Directors voted on Wednesday to approve an updated drought management program that calls for a 15 percent decrease in water consumption.

According to the water district, it is anticipated that the county would get a limited volume of water from the federal Central Valley Project, which carries water from northern California to the San Joaquin Valley.

Water from the Los Vaqueros Reservoir in Brentwood, which is currently at 58% of its total capacity, will be used to replenish local water sources.

Board President Lisa Borba issued a statement regarding this matter, saying, “We know that further reductions can be a challenge, but our customers are conscientious water users who step up for their community. Setting our baseline year as 2020 protects those customers who voluntarily reduced their water use in 2021.”

In addition, the district plans to hold a public hearing in June to talk about a possible 15% water consumption fee, which would equal about $0.28 per day for people who use 260 gallons of water each day.

Water-saving information and reimbursements for reduced water usage may be found here.

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