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Young boy dialed 911 to protect his mother from her boyfriend, but what happened when officers arrived is horrifying


Young boy dialed 911 to protect his mother from her boyfriend, but what happened when officers arrived is horrifying

An 11-year-old boy was discharged from the hospital after being injured in a police shooting that occurred after he called 911 for assistance. In the aftermath of the incident, his family is seeking justice, demanding the responsible officer’s termination and the filing of legal charges.

The unfortunate event unfolded when Aderrien dialed 911 upon the unexpected late-night arrival of his mother’s ex-partner at their home. Nakala, Aderrien’s mother, recounted that she was asleep when her former partner arrived, irate and knocking on her window around 4 a.m. on a Saturday. Fearing the potential danger due to past encounters, she handed her phone to her son and instructed him to call his grandmother.

However, before reaching out to his grandmother, the young boy decided to alert the authorities about their predicament, making a call to 911. In response, two police officers arrived at the scene.

During the continued presence of her agitated ex-partner, Nakala claims that the responding officers demanded her to open the front door. Despite her son’s reservations, she chose to comply with the officers’ orders, who, according to her, were attempting to force entry by kicking on the door.

After she exited her home and moved towards the end of the driveway, a gunshot echoed through the night. In the following moments, she witnessed her son, injured and bleeding, rushing towards her location. As she tried to manage his wound, Aderrien, whispering, asked her the heart-wrenching question: “Why did he shoot me? What did I do wrong?”

The mother vehemently criticized the police’s excessive use of force, arguing that there was no reasonable cause for mistaking her 11-year-old son for an adult.

Carlos Moore, the family’s legal representative, echoed this sentiment during an interview with CNN. He insisted on the necessity of a thorough and transparent probe into the incident. The attorney also noted that the young boy, traumatized by the dreadful experience, will require psychological support. Moore further condemned the officer’s “reckless” behavior that could have resulted in the loss of a young life. He applauded Aderrien’s courage and obedience in following his mother’s instructions to seek help, highlighting that the boy “did everything right”.

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