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She revealed her intentions of killing her whole family decades ago, Here is what she’s been up to since then


She revealed her intentions of killing her whole family decades ago, Here is what she’s been up to since then

The alleged victim of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her father, who was the subject of a documentary released in 1990, has finally reached adulthood. Her life has undergone a profound transformation.

The documentary “Child of Rage” was about a young girl named Beth who had developed psychopathic behavior as a consequence of severe abuse she suffered as a newborn.

Beth’s father sexually molested her in a severe manner from the time she was approximately 19 months old until she was about 3 years old. Her mother passed away while she was a little child, and her father was responsible for taking care of both her and her younger brother. Their new parents, Tim and Julie, knew something was not quite right with their daughter at such a young age. At some point, she started killing young birds, which caused her parents to become worried.

Beth’s parents eventually came to the conclusion that their daughter was seriously disturbed. She demonstrated strange sexual behavior at an early age, and she was also fascinated by things like murder and violence. Jonathan, Beth’s brother, exhibited behavior that was similar to hers, but to a lesser extent.

Tim and Julie tried to get information about the children’s behavior from the adoption agency, but due to regulations governing confidentiality, the agency was unable to provide them with any details about the situation.

Tim and Julie found out that both of their children had been subjected to severe abuse at the hands of their father after they did some investigation on their own. The documentary shows Beth in a peaceful state while telling her therapist that she takes pleasure in assaulting her brother and murdering newborn birds. She also admitted to the therapist that she had dreams in which she killed both of her parents and her younger brother.

Beth once tried to murder her brother by smashing his skull on concrete. Thankfully, he managed to pull through. In the end, she was determined to be suffering from a severe form of reactive attachment disorder, a mental disorder that is brought on by significant instances of either physical or emotional abuse. Children who have this disease are unable to maintain meaningful relationships with other people.

Now an adult, Beth has good physical and mental health and is employed as a registered nurse in a hospital in the U.S.

Beth is the author of the book “More Than a Thread of Hope,” which is based on her own experiences.

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