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Mother puts something in her young son’s intravenous drip; boy repeatedly asks her a shocking question days before he dies


Mother puts something in her young son’s intravenous drip; boy repeatedly asks her a shocking question days before he dies

In a harrowing incident, a young boy’s life came to a tragic end after his mother was accused of tampering with his IV drip. The nine-year-old was brought to the hospital in a critical condition, with his “concerned” mother by his side. However, in the days leading up to his untimely passing, the child repeatedly posed a single question that left many stunned.

The mother, who is a parent of four children, is now facing charges of contaminating her son’s intravenous drip with feces while he was receiving treatment at the hospital. As the young boy’s condition deteriorated rapidly, medical staff noticed a sharp rise in his body temperature and observed that he was experiencing delirium.

One of the hospital nurses, Lindie, remembers one particular shift where the boy was “very unwell,” and was experiencing pain in his back, stomach, and head. Brown told the court that the boy asked for some medicine to “take the pain away.”

What the nurse also recalls from the time the boy was a patient at the hospital, that he displayed “considerable” behavioral problems. Not only was he “very demanding of his mother,” but he also had no qualms about swearing at the nurses.

As Lindie overheard one of the conversations the boy had with his mother, the nurse caught the child asking her “why she was doing this to him.” The nurse revealed that the boy told his mother something along the lines of, “You could have put something in my cannula when I was asleep.” The next day, the nurse heard the sick boy once again make similar statements, asking his mother “why are you doing this to me.”

“She [the mother] said, ‘What?'” “Poisoning me,” the boy replied to his mother, said the nurse.

Lindie didn’t take the conversation lightly and wrote an email to child protection services about what she heard during her shifts at the hospital. The nurse also remembers the boy being in a state of extreme stress during this time.

This was also corroborated by another nurse, Kristina, who shared the same shift as Lindie. She, too, also remembers the young patient saying similar things to his mother. “What have you done to my cannula this time?” Kristina quoted the boy.

She remembers the mother saying something to the tune of, “Why would you say that? That makes me upset when you say those things.”

As Kristina spoke in court as a witness, the mother’s lawyer, Pauline, asked her whether it was possible she misheard the boy when he said, “Don’t you dare put anything in my cannula?” “Possibly yes,” the nurse answered.

After the boy lost his life in September 2014, his blood sample tested positive for the bacteria E. coli, but the court heard that this infection could have been caused by a number of other possibilities. In a recent hearing that took place in March 2021, the mother pleaded not guilty to poisoning her son’s IV drip with feces, and court proceedings still continue years after the boy’s death.

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