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Man arrested after trying to sexually assault a girl because he despised black people

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Man arrested after trying to sexually assault a girl because he despised black people

Walnut Creek, California – After being arrested on allegations of attempting to sexually attack a young girl in broad daylight, a man from the Bay Area admitted to police that he would have been able to rape her if bystanders hadn’t been there.

The 46-year-old, Alexandr Birger, was arrested and charged with assault, attempted rape, sexual violence, lewd act upon a minor, and possession of child pornography in connection with an incident that occurred on August 28, according to court records.

Birger described himself as a neo-Nazi sympathizer and reportedly admitted to police upon questioning that he assaulted the victim because he felt hatred for black people.

Birder is scheduled to appear in court on January 26 and is currently being held without bail. Although his lawyers expressed concerns about his mental health and a doctor determined that he was incapable of standing trial, prosecutors were still considering whether to appeal the result, according to court documents.

Birger reportedly approached the alleged victim, identified under the pseudonym “Jane Doe”, at a crosswalk in Walnut Creek as she was headed to pick up dinner from a nearby restaurant and started touching her.

He reportedly admitted to authorities that he loved seeing the girl cry and that he was confident in his ability to sexually assault her in the absence of spectators during the police questioning. According to court documents, he said that it was the first time he had ever done anything of this kind. He also allegedly admitted to police that he despises black people, leading them to examine the likelihood that he targeted the victim because of her racial origin. In the end, no accusations of hate crimes were brought against him.

After conducting an investigation into the matter, police discovered three suspected child pornography files on Birger’s computer and cellphone, in addition to 70 images featuring girls of “questionable age,” according to court documents.

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