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Judge puts serial criminal back on streets, 8 days later he beat old disabled man to death with a metal pole


Judge puts serial criminal back on streets, 8 days later he beat old disabled man to death with a metal pole

A shocking video revealed a disabled elderly man being beaten to death with a metal pole by an accused serial criminal. According to the police, this individual had been released by a local judge on a different felony charge only eight days before the incident that was captured on video.

Per reports, the man recorded on surveillance camera as he brutally killed the 66-year-old Rodney with a homemade weapon in the downtown area of the city has been identified as 48-year-old Aaron. Prosecutors say Aaron kept on beating Rodney even after the victim fell unconscious during the attack. It fractured the skull of Rodney, who had mobility issues and used a walker, and was struck at least three times in the back of the head and on the temple.

Although bystanders performed CPR on Rodney, he never regained consciousness and died in the hospital four days later. Aaron was arrested as he attempted to walk away from the scene of the crime. It’s unclear if he knew his victim before the attack, and what his motive was. But he might not have been out on the streets at all were it not for the actions of the county superior court judge. The judge decided to release him without bail on felony harassment charges after he allegedly threatened to kill a local city worker. The judge released Aaron on his own recognizance and asked him not to commit any more crimes.

The serial criminal’s subsequent behavior has sparked fury over the judge’s decision to ignore prosecutors’ request for $10,000 bail and is being viewed as symbolic of the city’s apparent unwillingness to crack down on serious crime. Aaron had been arrested eight days prior after threatening a security guard. Prosecutors wanted Aaron held on $10,000 bail, but court records show the judge released him and ordered him “not to commit any more crimes.” The advice appears to have gone unheeded, with Aaron allegedly carrying out his attack on Rodney in the downtown area of the city. Police later deployed a mobile precinct nearby to deter criminals. Had the judge looked into Aaron’s criminal past, he would’ve uncovered a litany of cases including assault, aggravated battery, attempted assault, and disorderly conduct.

Aaron is currently being held in jail on $2.5 million bond after prosecutors successfully argued he was a clear danger to the public. He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder. According to court documents, Aaron told an officer: ‘If I have to go to jail for it, I will,’ and ‘I’m gonna kill him a million times over.’ The officer then ‘asked him: ‘Was it your intention to kill him?’ to which Aaron replied ‘ah, yeah, forever.’ ‘The defendant admitted to officers that he was trying to kill the victim, and while acknowledging the victim was the first that he attacked in this manner, [he] made it clear this victim would not be his last,’ a prosecutor wrote in the charging document.

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