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Grieving father discovers his dead twins are actually dolls at the funeral, his wife was lying to him all the time


Grieving father discovers his dead twins are actually dolls at the funeral, his wife was lying to him all the time

When this 33-year-old man found out that he and his wife were going to become parents, he was overjoyed beyond measure. But nine months later, he was informed that his twin sons had passed away while they were in the hospital and had never been able to see them in person.

However, the man, Daud, came to a shocking discovery before burying his boys and setting them to rest when he wanted to see their faces. He was astounded when he removed the covers and saw two dolls instead of his babies.

“I opened the face of the first baby and saw there were no eyes. What was this? I began to open the face of the second one. The same. This was a doll…a doll,” Daud said.

Daud said he was informed that his twin sons died a few days after being delivered due to cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm, while his wife, Laura, was in the ICU at the hospital.

Because of the family’s religious beliefs, a postmortem was not performed and they began preparing for the funeral. Daud, mourning the loss of his babies, unwrapped the shrouds covering them only before their burial and couldn’t believe what he was looking at. At first, Daud blamed the hospital and claimed, “my babies are alive.” He believed his sons may have become victims of a baby-selling or adoption racket.

He later found out that the hospital could not have done anything to his newborn babies because he never had twin sons in the first place. His wife confessed that she was never pregnant and had been lying to Daud all along.

“I saw how happy my husband was when I told him that I was pregnant. I didn’t want to upset him and therefore decided to lie to him and to our relatives by faking the pregnancy. I didn’t have a clear plan. Sometimes I felt as if my tummy was growing, I felt as if I was pregnant. In January I went to have a look at babies’ cots. It’s hard to explain, from one hand I knew I wasn’t pregnant, but I couldn’t stop pretending,” Laura said.

To keep her lie going, Laura rented an apartment close to the maternity hospital before informing her family that her children were dead. She also bought two dolls to pass off as the bodies of the newborn twins and had them wear disposable diapers like real babies. “Then at the funeral, my husband unmasked my lies by finding the dolls instead of the babies,” she said.

“I misled all my relatives and my husband. I am terribly sorry,” Laura added.

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