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Escort lady falsely accused a cop who arrested her ex-husband for indecently abusing her, pays the price


Escort lady falsely accused a cop who arrested her ex-husband for indecently abusing her, pays the price

A woman was found guilty of falsely accusing a police officer of ra-e, and was given a jail term as a result.

As per reports, the 40-year-old woman, Halina, worked as an escort lady and claimed the police officer ra-ed her at a hotel, but a thorough investigation revealed that they had never met.

Halina was sentenced to two years and three months in jail after she “maliciously” accused the officer of ra-e, reportedly causing him suffering and distress.

The investigation into the accused officer took five weeks and cost more than $13,000 in forensic science costs.

According to the report, Halina eventually admitted to falsely claiming that the detective ra-ed her. She was sentenced to 27 months in prison by a judge, who called the crime “wicked,” adding that her actions had “serious consequences” for the victim and his family.

The court heard that Halina used the innocent detective’s name, although she had never met him, because he was one of the officers in an earlier drugs investigation involving her second ex-husband, in 2011.

The judge added that such false claims affect public confidence in the legitimacy of actual ra-e victims who share their stories.

“I’m told you’re remorseful, although there’s no evidence of that other than your guilty pleas,” the judge said.

She added, “Ra-e is a profoundly hideous crime, which all should find repulsive.”

The detective was reportedly at home with his wife and their son when officers arrived at his house to inform him that there had been a complaint filed against him for ra-e.

The officer said that the allegation caused him depression and anxiety, leading him to take six months off work. He said that the issue caused strain in his marriage as well.

The victim said that he was “completely stunned” by Halina’s claim and that his “world fell apart.”

“I can’t explain why it affected me as it did,” the detective said. “If I hadn’t been able to prove my innocence, I’d have lost my liberty.”

The allegations came after Halina reportedly drank “at least one bottle of vodka” and called emergency services, saying that she was an escort whose client had stolen her vehicle from a hotel.

After responding officers arrived, Halina implied that someone had been hurt, pointing to a red mark on the floor of the hotel room. She was arrested on suspicion of causing injury, fighting with officers while she resisted the arrest.

Halina then claimed that the detective ra-ed her the night before at the same hotel.

Later, while being interviewed by police, Halina said, “I made it up, there, I made it up.” She refused to give a statement retracting the allegation, however, so police were forced to carry out an investigation.

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