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Bride had a miscarriage moments before her wedding, decides to break the heartbreaking news to the groom after they exchange their wedding vows


Bride had a miscarriage moments before her wedding, decides to break the heartbreaking news to the groom after they exchange their wedding vows

After a year of preparation, Kate and Tim’s wedding day was finally here, and everything went off without a hitch. In fact, nothing could have gone better for the happy couple. On the day of their wedding, they couldn’t wait to surprise their friends and family with the news that Kate was pregnant.

But things went horribly wrong very quickly, and now the couple will always remember their wedding day as the day they buried the remains of their child. Kate miscarried her baby just before she walked down the aisle, so this tragic event will always be associated with their wedding day.

“I found out I was four weeks pregnant,” recalled 29-year-old Kate, who was “over the moon” to finally conceive after six months of trying. When she told Tim the news, he burst into tears of joy as he realized his children would become big brothers. Kate has a 1-year-old son, Liam, that she shares with Tim, and she is also the mother of 9-year-old Noah, her son from a previous relationship. Ecstatic about welcoming a new member to their family, Kate and Tim believed it would be best for them to break the news on their wedding day. “We couldn’t wait,” Kate said. “We planned on doing a big reveal and telling all our family and friends at our wedding.”

However, on the night of her wedding rehearsal, Kate’s worst fears of losing her baby started coming true. “I felt a massive downpour of blood, and the pain in my back started to get worse,” Kate recalled. “I knew then that I was miscarrying the baby. There was no chance of survival.” Despite the thought of losing their baby, Kate and Tim decided to go through with the wedding, which eventually led them to live one of the happiest as well as most heartbreaking days of their lives.

On the big day, right before she had to walk down the aisle, Kate decided to go to the bathroom one last time, and she laid eyes on a horrifying sight. “This small pod the size of my palm was in my underwear,” she said as she grew emotional. “It was the baby.” I was bleeding so much that day I didn’t even know I had passed it—I was in shock. I walked down the aisle thinking of what we had lost and all that we were going through. At the end of the aisle, Tim stood waiting for Kate, and they finally tied the knot in a ceremony they had pictured for so long.

It was only after exchanging wedding vows that Kate finally told Tim about the heartbreaking discovery she made moments before walking down the aisle. “I told him I miscarried, and he cried, which made me cry,” Kate shared. After celebrating their wedding day, the two of them arrived back at the chapel that night to say their last goodbye to the miscarried baby. “We buried our baby in a special place in the front garden,” Kate shared. “It showed the love we have for each other and our family.” “It’s a sacred place for me.” Along with the immense grief of losing their child, Kate also feels like she won’t ever be able to celebrate her wedding day again. “I would like to redo it in some way,” the young mother shared. “How do we celebrate this day now?” Is it the day we buried our baby, or is it the day we got married? I don’t want to celebrate our

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