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Barefoot, starving 10-year-old unearthed a shocking crime in an upscale neighborhood; parents arrested over inhumane treatment


Barefoot, starving 10-year-old unearthed a shocking crime in an upscale neighborhood; parents arrested over inhumane treatment

In a heartrending turn of events in Georgia, a severely undernourished 10-year-old boy was discovered wandering aimlessly down a local street. The child, whose physical appearance reflected the stature of an average 4-year-old, was barefoot and in a visible state of confusion. He expressed his hunger and an intent to procure food from a nearby Kroger store.

Upon the police being called to the scene, the boy expressed a fervent request to them, pleading “please not make him go back.”

Investigation swiftly revealed that the boy’s residence was in a posh neighborhood just down the street. The revelation has led to the arrest of his parents, who are now facing allegations of keeping him confined, often without food or water, over a span of three years.

Expressing her shock and sorrow at the incident, Griffin District Attorney Marie Broder said, “This case is disturbing. It’s heart-breaking.” She added that the child was being slowly starved to death, and it is nothing short of tragic. “I truly believe that if he had not gotten out of that home, this would be a very different case.”

The parents, Tyler Schindley, 46, and Krista Schindley, 47, have been charged with attempted homicide, cruelty to children, false imprisonment, and simple battery. Upon examination, the boy was found to be gravely malnourished with a weight of merely 36 pounds and a dangerously low heart rate. Moreover, visible injuries and skin discoloration were noted by the police.

The couple’s other five children, who received homeschooling, are now under the care of child welfare authorities. Police, during a press conference held on Tuesday, stated that interviews with these children had yet to be conducted.

“This is a heartrending situation, and as a mother, I find it incomprehensible,” said Broder. “But as a human being, it’s devastating. Out of respect for the child, we won’t release any photos. However, they are horrendous to behold. Anyone with a semblance of humanity would be profoundly disturbed upon seeing them.”

Kim Seigler, a neighbor living next door, expressed her shock and regret at the incident, stating to Fox5 Atlanta, “It’s horrendous. It makes me wonder if I should have been more observant.”

Tyler Schindley’s Facebook page identified him as the manager of an Under Armour store, although recent posts indicated promotion of a local spa, believed to be owned by his wife.

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