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Assistant teacher had “intercourse” with 3 minor students; her defense was that she didn’t know it was prohibited, but there’s something even more shocking


Assistant teacher had “intercourse” with 3 minor students; her defense was that she didn’t know it was prohibited, but there’s something even more shocking

In a stunning display of courage and responsibility, a teacher at a local high school recently took action to protect students from potentially harmful situations. Upon overhearing a concerning conversation between a group of students, this vigilant educator immediately recognized the gravity of the situation and took swift action. The disturbing topic of discussion centered around se-ual encounters that the teens were reportedly having with a woman who worked at the same school. Recognizing the seriousness of the matter, the teacher wasted no time in contacting the police, thus potentially saving young lives from a potentially dangerous situation.

When the police got involved, they found out how Ashlyn, 24, was luring teenage boys into her house and having se- with them. The woman would even have her baby sleeping in the backseat of her car when she would go pick up the teenage boys before having se- with them. Working as a teacher’s assistant, Ashlyn was found to have had se- with three different male students between August 2019 and May 2020. One 17-year-old boy revealed that his relationship with Ashlyn began when they started having conversations online. Later, they decided to meet at a truck stop, where Ashlyn was supposed to pick him up.

What the boy found strange was that Ashlyn had her baby in the backseat of the car when she arrived. Once they were in Ashlyn’s house, the former teacher’s assistant put her baby in bed and then went on to have se- with the teen.

Another 17-year-old revealed that Ashlyn became his tutor, and he had visited her house several times. During the visits, she would bring up the idea of having se-ual acts with him in the future. And by his third visit, Ashlyn reportedly had se- with the teen. The third male student that Ashlyn was sleeping with was a 16-year-old boy. The first time they slept together was at Ashlyn’s house after a football game and then later during the following weekend.

Ashlyn’s relationships with the boys came to light after a fellow teacher overheard the boys talking about how one of them may have gotten her pregnant. After one of the 17-year-olds was confronted by the teacher, he admitted to having slept with Ashlyn but claimed he wasn’t her “daddy.”

On June 24, 2020, Ashlyn was arrested in connection with the se-ual encounters with the students. She was charged with two counts of improper relationship between educator and student involving two 17-year-old boys. Additionally, she was charged with two counts of se-ual assault of a child involving a 16-year-old boy.

When Ashlyn spoke in court, she claimed that the three teenage victims were lying about being persuaded by her on social media. She also claimed she didn’t know the boys’ real ages and thought they were 18 years old. While speaking in court, she also claimed she thought the school district policy only prohibited teachers from having se- with students and not other staff members.

In April 2021, an all-woman jury sentenced her to four years in prison, and she is required to register herself as a se- offender. We are republishing this story amid recent reports that child se-ual abuse has increased in the United States during the pandemic.


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